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Joy Drop: June is filled with Pride and joy!

Joy Drop: June is filled with Pride and joy!

Joy Drop: June is filled with Pride and joy!

Hello, and Happy Pride! I begin this week’s online notebook entry with an entry about joy from the workplace. On Thursday, the CBC Sports team attended a Toronto Blue Jays game. This was the first time most of this group had seen each other in person in more than two years.

For some of us, it was the first time meeting cherished colleagues and new friends. I can say that seeing this amazing crew was easily the highlight of my week. Pat Grier is my editor and it was amazing to finally meet him in person. I may be nerding out, but working with an editor is the core of my creative process and a strong connection is imperative. I’m always grateful for that. So, I was thrilled to get to see him in a social setting and then take in the Jays as they beat the Chicago White Sox. This brings the Jays to eight straight wins and a sweep against the White Sox.

And speaking of Jays’ wins, they will be celebrating pride on Friday and Saturday night at the Rogers Centre. The festivities include a giveaway of this awesome towel for the first 15,000 entrants in the park on Friday night.

South of the border, the Los Angeles Dodgers will be wearing special caps during Friday’s game against the New York Mets. On June 11, the Dodgers face the San Francisco Giants and that game will be the first time that two teams wear Pride hats during the same game. This is so important as sport is still a world that exists in binaries, and also often rigid heteronormative culture.

Do I think that baseball caps eradicate homophobia? No. But I also believe that action and commitment to visibility and inclusion matter a lot. Representation is essential to starting conversations and supporting communities in sport and solidarity. So, the caps are super cute.

With all the gun violence rearing its ugly self in the US, I thought I would share a moment of love and care from humans in Fort Worth, Tex. A group of cyclists were out on a routine ride when they came across an abandoned dog on a concrete bridge. The group acted quickly to help the stranded animal.

The story is beautiful because it highlights how people can collaborate and work together for an important reason.

I hope this weekend offers some respite and some rest. I have been thinking about these words on self-care and rest from my friend, Kayla Grey. Community is everything. Friends are essential. Love is resistance.

Self care is radical. Please be radical. I hope you turn the music up loud. I hope your tea is delicious. I hope your prayers move you to tears of comfort. I hope you smell some beautiful flowers. I hope that love lights your steps. And I hope that you get to eat nachos with great people and then watch a really fun baseball game. I hope you are surrounded by friends.

Here is a wonderful song about friends. Be well!

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